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Why Just Disinfect? When you can Prevent Contamination!


Dynamic Building Maintenance in partnership with the latest in chemical technologies, provides state-of-the-art professional disinfecting services to help combat the spread of the Coronavirus. Utilizing hospital-grade chemicals paired with electrostatic tools, high touch-point wipe down and deep cleaning disinfecting services, Dynamic Building Maintenance is able to help you create a safer environment for your customers and employees. But most companies can do this now. Why use us?

What Makes Us Different and Better?


We not only disinfect your facility, but we have the ability to apply product that will adhere to all of your surfaces and continue to kill for 30 days on high touch points and 90 days on walls. It stays there like a barrier that explodes the cells that land on it and can be cleaned daily but does not wipe off or lose effectiveness. So, after you pay us to come in you are set to endure for some time. not just a day or two.  We are licensed to apply Prevent-X 24/7. It is not a disinfectant but a unique barrier that when applied properly sets in place a product that does not allow anything to live on it that is gram positive. So, think of it like a bunch of sharp knives on the surface and here comes a cell of Covid-19, when it lands it literally pops and denigrates instantly. That is it in a nutshell.

The unique barrier technology has an EPA approved bacteriostatic (EPA Reg.#83129-1) as it destroys without poison and will not leach off treated surfaces or create superbugs. It is used on Air Force One as well at Stanford University and UC Davis. The Tampa cruise ship port and major hospitals on the east coast are effectively utilizing this product and technology. If you are experiencing a Covid-19 problem, call us and we can solve it. Do not leave yourself without protection after you disinfect your facility.