Do you want to ensure your building is clean, safe, and nice-smelling? If so, Dynamic Building Maintenance can help. We offer commercial janitorial services throughout Fresno, CA.

Janitorial services being performed in Fresno, CA

What Can We Do for You?

We are a full-service company that has the personnel and equipment to handle any size of janitorial job, no matter the extent of cleaning that a building needs.

We can help with your:

  • Floors: Do you need regular vacuuming? Perhaps you need to strip and finish the floors. No matter your flooring needs, we can assist.
  • Carpets: If your floor has carpets, we can regularly clean and sanitize them. That way, anyone in the building can enjoy clean, longer-lasting, soft, and healthy carpets.
  • Cleanup needs: We can clean up after specific jobs, such as after a waxing construction project. Let us know when you need additional cleanup services.
  • Windows: Tired of dirty windows? We can make them clear and clean again with our extensive window washing services.
  • Maintenance needs: Have specific maintenance jobs? We can help. Just let us know what you need us to look after, and we can do it for you.

No matter what janitorial services you need, Dynamic Building Maintenance is here for you.

Where Do You Need Us to Go?

We can clean any commercial property. Our extensive list of previous and current clients includes banks, industrial facilities, churches, wineries, dental offices, medical buildings, warehouses, and car dealerships.

We know that each type of commercial property has different janitorial needs, so we will go over your specific requirements before we begin work. We will get the layout of the building and the services you want us to accomplish ahead of time to ensure we provide a quality job.

How Can You Get in Touch?

If you want janitorial services in Fresno, CA, then call us today at 559-312-4159. We look forward to speaking with you!